Friday, April 2, 2010

Working Mom Tip - The Speaker Phone is Your Friend

Every once in a while I figure something out that makes my life as a working mom easier. Yes, my house is still a mess. No, I haven't figured out how to fit regular workouts into my week. But I have figured out how to attend my daughter's pediatrician appointments from the office. The answer, my friends, is the conference call!

I discovered the Supermom potential of this tedious part of office life last week. I had already taken a few days off of work to take care of my little puke queen. So, when we decided a trip to the ped was called for my husband took her in. I, however, still wanted to hear what the doc had to say first hand, and ask a few questions directly. The solution - my hubbie put me on speakerphone as soon as he got into the exam room. I was able to hear the whole check up, ask questions and thank the doctor, all on my coffee break. The 21st century has its perks.

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  1. I'm glad your husband and I are in the same boat. My wife always has questions about things that I didn't think of while the event was happening. I should just keep her on speakerphone all day long.