Friday, April 9, 2010

Working Mom Tip #2: Online Grocery Shopping

Yes, I feel like kind of a snob for outsourcing my grocery shopping. But seriously, when its 8 at night and I've been up since 6, having put in 9 hours at the office, and then almost 4 hours of supermom time, I'm really, really tired. So what am I supposed to do when there's nothing to eat? The first time this happened to me the choices seemed to be to either eat a ketchup sandwich for lunch tomorrow (and feed one to my daughter) or to get into the car, drive to the grocery store, walk around under those neon lights, load stuff into the basked (while humming along to Muzak and then feeling guilty and dorky about it), stand in line, load everything onto the conveyor belt, haul bags to the car, and schlep bags up to my apartment. But as I was thinking fondly about how much I like ketchup I realized that there's a 3rd way!

For about $4 plus a tip I can spend 30 minutes on the Internet picking out food and then get someone else to do my grocery shopping for me, and deliver it right to my door. Thank you Internet!!

In the greater Washington D.C. area there are 2 main choices:
I personally prefer Peapod because I think their selection and produce are better. They also have a great online system that allows you to type in your grocery list and it will then take you through your options. So for example, you type in bread and diapers into the list at the beginning. It will show you all of your bread options, then, once you've made your choice it will show you all of your diaper options, and so on until you've completed your list. It will also save your old shopping carts from previous purchases so that you can easily reorder things you buy regularly.

While it may get a little pricey to do this on a regular basis, I highly recommend it at least once a month. Being in a family with 2 working parents is a crazy life. Think of this as $4 (plus tip) therapy.

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  1. I was always intrigued by this idea when I lived in California, but never could justify doing it. I actually like going to the grocery store, especially Trader Joes, which they had out there and I so painfully miss. Now going to super walmart, that is an experience I would be happy to outsource!