Friday, April 2, 2010

My Baby Is Trying to Kill Me: A Sleep Journal

Sometimes I wonder if the sleep deprivation my daughter has put myself and my husband through is sufficient to warrant a United Nations trial for crimes against humanity. Although really, the sleep deprivation isn't the worst of it. After 6 or 7 months your body can get used to a few scattered hours of sleep a night. Its the fear that really gets to you. Never knowing when your quiet sleepy house will be turned into a horror movie scream fest. Or when the wonderful free time during Nap that you've been looking forward to all day will be snatched away from you. And then there's the uncertainty. Is there something wrong with her? Is she sick? Teething? Gassy? Hot? Cold? Hungry? Did she have a nightmare? Should we let her cry it out? Go check on her? Cuddle her? Feed her? Turn on the A/C? G-d I'm so tired. What time is it? What was it that Dr. Weissbluth said? Is she going to be permanently damaged from not getting enough sleep? Are we condemning her to a lifetime of bad sleep if we go into her room and give her a bottle?

All of these questions were going through our heads from 1:30 - 3:00 this morning, and then again at 1:30 this afternoon. For the second day in a row. Here are the conclusions I came to:
1) Dr. Weissbluth, Dr. Ferber and Dr. Sears have conspired to completely screw with the heads of parents in our generation.
2) My baby is trying to kill me.
3) If my daughter is hysterical I am going to cuddle and comfort her and Dr. Weissbluth can suck it.
Wish me luck tonight!!

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