Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

I watched the movie Food, Inc (you can stream it through Netflix) the other night and I have to admit, it made me glad that my toddler daughter has stopped eating. Well, she hasn't actually stopped eating, she's just stopped swallowing. She still chews the food really well, and seems to enjoy it, but then at the last minute she pushes it out of her mouth with her tongue and happily watches it roll down the front of her shirt and onto the carpet.

However, when she does eventually decide to once again start swallowing food besides hummus and triscuits, I will definitely make sure that its organic, or at least traditionally grown. I do not want to be a part of the seriously screwed up food production that Food, Inc discusses, and I don't want to put that nasty food into my daughter's body (who's that eatin' that nasty food?).

I started looking into some CSAs and Farmer's Markets that could provide some fresh, local, organic and/or traditionally grown food. While a Farmer's Market sounds like it could actually be kind of fun with a toddler, I'm pretty nervous about joining a CSA. My impression of them from past experiences is a blur of bok choy and carrot soup. However, I did stumble upon Washington's Green Grocer, which seems almost too good to be true. Its organic food combined with the door-to-door delivery that makes life as a working mom livable. And don't worry, the guilt you are assuaging by giving your family fresh, pesticide-free food can be replaced by the fact that some of it is shipped in from far away Florida and even South America. Plus, its pricey as hell. Still, much of it is local and, if you can afford it seems like the next best thing to a CSA or Farmer's Market.

Even better than Washington's Green Grocer is South Mountain Creamery. I have been fantasizing about ordering milk from this place since before I even had a kid. I mean, they have glass bottles! That they deliver to you from a milk truck! And then the milk man comes and picks up your empties and replaces them with new ones filled with fresh, traditionally produced milk! How freaking quaint is that?! And now I have both a cute, 16 month old excuse to order at least a gallon of milk a week AND a movie that tells me I'll be a better person if I spring for the delivery charge. I am one lucky working mommy.
Check out Local Harvest to find Farmer's Markets and CSAs all over the country.

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