Friday, March 19, 2010

OH SNAPI - Yes, I'm still on the diaper thing

Yes, I'm still on this diaper thing. I'm obsessed! So, to follow up from the last post - I did eventually get DD to stop screaming and grabbing at her crochal region every time I put the Bummi Bamboozled on. It was a matter of distracting her for the first couple of minutes that she was wearing it until she forgot that it felt different than the Bum Genius or Disposables. In her defence, though, those things are pretty thick and I imagine it feels pretty weird to have several inches of fuzzy stuffing surrounding your butt.

My next foray into the world of cloth diapering took me to the mysterious, mystical, magical world of The Prefold.

Anatomy of the Prefold

Prefold diapers have a thicker center strip for pee and poo absorbing power. From what I understand, they are called prefolds because people used to fold flat diapers so that they would have more layers in the middle, creating that thick area. Prefolds are diapers that have been "prefolded" and sewn that way for you already. I bought two kinds:

Babykicks which are a hemp/cotton mixture and unbleached Indian Cotton prefolds.

Babykicks Prefolds

Pros: Really absorbent. Doesn't look like anything's going to leak through there! The company claims that hemp has anti fungal/mold, blah, blah, blah properties.

Cons: A bit more expensive than other prefolds. Thick!! They look like they would be really hot in the summer. I also found their sizing to be kind of off. They seemed kind of huge on Alice! Although she didn't seem to mind too much.

And yes, I need practice with the folding.

Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds

Thinner than the Babykicks, which makes them easier to fold, and probably cooler in the summer. They are also really cheap!

Thinner - so the pee soaks through faster. They are also not quite wide enough, but a bit too long for my *ahem* robust baby.

Pros: Better than a diaper pin
Cons: Sharp enough to scrape you and/or the babe, not sharp enough to stay stuck into the diaper. Kind of redundant with a diaper cover.

I can't leave out the snappi. What a good idea gone horribly wrong! The idea was to replace the diaper pins. And yes, sharp pins near squirming, chubby legs and bellies sounds like a very bad idea. These rubber contraptions have a claw on the end of each of its three tentacles. The clawed beast is supposed to hook into the diaper, holding it in place, without the fear of piercing your baby (I'm sure she'll do that on her own when she's a teenager). Unfortunately, these little guys slip off pretty easily, and are actually fairly sharp. While a scrape isn't as bad a pierce, its still not something you want. And on top of that, they really aren't all that necessary. The diaper cover already holds everything in place pretty well.

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