Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the Honor of Grayscull: I - HAVE - THE - POWER!!!

I guess all the estrogen that was released for Mother's Day is really getting people's mommy power juices flowing. I read an article this past week about how influential a mere touch from a woman can be on a person's willingness to take risks. Cool, huh? And we need that mommy power these days.

After my last post, which was kind of a downer, I promised myself that the next post would be fun and light and about something pretty mindless. But then Proctor and Gamble started being really big dickheads. In case you haven't heard, Pampers (made by Proctor and Gamble) have recently come out with a revolutionary new way for moms and dads to absorb pee and poo from our babies' butts. They call it "dry max technology", and its so advanced it will leave chemical burns on your baby's skin! That's right these fabulous new diapers are being investigated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission due to parent's complaints that their new dry max technology is giving babies chemical burns. But while burned baby bums is terrible, the thing that's really annoying is that P&G refuses to even humor parents by investigating the claims.

One thing that is great about this whole thing is that parents are fighting back, and we are pissing P&G off big time. For example, one mom started a Facebook site (complete with pictures) that now has over 9,000 members. Pampers responded to this and other parent actions by launching a "myths vs facts" site attacking cloth diapers and defending their products as being environmentally sustainable. They are obviously scared shitless that the reports of chemical burns are going to turn people on to cloth diapers, and that once people see how easy they are, and how much cheaper, they won't be going back to Pampers. The Real Diapers Association, a cloth diaper advocacy group, has organized the next round of retaliations by soliciting mom bloggers to write their own myths vs facts pages advocating cloth diapers. What's especially funny about the direction that this is going is that many of the moms that initially complained about the diapers wanted to continue to use the old Pampers products, not move to cloth diapers. So P&G has really brought these attacks on themselves.

If you haven't seen it already my myths vs facts page is attached to this blog.

Ok, next time, a fun, light interesting post about friendly, fuzzy happy things. I swear!!

UPDATE: As of 5-22-10 Pampers took down their myths and facts page!!

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  1. I also read that a couple of minutes alone with a beautiful woman can be detrimental to a man because it raises our cortisol levels. Fits in better with your first paragraph than that awful stuff about babies with burned asses.