Tuesday, May 11, 2010

20 Things

5 Ways I Could Become A Stay At Home Mom (or at least a work at home mom)
  1. I could start an online business walking people's virtual pets.
  2. I could start a website for weirdos who like to watch people fold laundry, and then make people pay to watch me fold laundry.
  3. I could cut down on expenses by eating nothing but peanut butter and day old bread and selling all of my clothes and dressing in newspapers held together by chewing gum.
  4. I could win the lottery.
  5. I could write a book that gets made into a movie.
5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Stay At Home Mom
  1. Get my daughter dressed in the morning.
  2. Take a Music Together Class.
  3. Make awesome lunch with grilled cheese sandwiches cut out into the shape of dinosaurs
  4. Teach my daughter the alphabet.
  5. Sometimes nap at nap time.
5 Reasons I Can't Be A Stay At Home Mom
  1. Money for housing.
  2. Money for food.
  3. Money for clothes.
  4. Money for toys and classes and vacations and occasionally eating out at a restaurant and even going to a movie twice a year when we can find a babysitter.
  5. Money for college and for when I'm old and gray and fat and sick and for when my daughter wants to go to summer camp.

5 Reasons Why I'm Lucky
  1. My job is not waiting tables or working the cash register at the Safeway. The time I'm spending away from my daughter is time spent making the world a better place and making a decent salary.
  2. I have an incredible husband who shares the burden of childcare, cooking and household chores.
  3. I have an awesome nanny who I trust and who enriches my daughter's life.
  4. I have an wonderful daughter who is thriving.
  5. I and my entire family are healthy.

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